The Brewsters for 145 years from Georgia to Worldwide

The history of a family consists of significant events affecting the lineage of the ancestors.  From the reminiscence of living senior members of this family came the recall for the statements of this history.

During the harvest season of 1850, three young men and one young lady were sold by the Mo Hon Plantation to the Brewster Plantation.  In 1853, they were sold just outside of Atlanta Georgia to Canon and Hail of Rusk County.  Just before winter set in, the four Brewster youngsters and Mr. Hail began the long trip westward toward Texas.  Their first stop was Beckville, Texas.  The Brewster families settled in Gregg, Rusk, and Smith Counties.

The names of the four Mo Hon children that were sold to the Brewster plantation in 1850 were Sam, Bill Cressie, and Jeff.  Portions of this is incomplete.  During those days Negroes did not marry, they were mated.  As a result there were some leads I could not check.  Some of the Brewsters I found in the records, I could not tie to the Brewster family that came from Atlanta, Georgia.  The records reflect that some of the young bucks were runaway slaves before freedom.  Mr. Will Brewster at this present age of one hundred and eight years old, gave much of the information that was not found in the records.  Other information was taken from obituaries.  He also gave me some names and events that are not mentioned in this summary of the Brewster Family History that was given at the Reunion in Marshall, Texas in August, 1978.  We were able to substantiate the following information given by Will Brewster.  "The number of youngsters sold by the Mo Hon Plantation."

Sam Brewster had seven children that I could trace and they were Lige, Dan, Pareli (Sane), Ada, (Missie), Mary, Elnora (Sweetie), and Bine.

 Bill Brewster,  I could only find records of one child.  His name was Will Brewster.

Cressie Brewster, I could not find any records of here marriage or any children born to her.

Jeff Brewster, had seven children Earl, Jim, Ray, West, Alice, Dora, and Emma. Additional information might be found if I could acquire additional obituaries, and time and money to visit court houses of many East Texas counties.

If any family member or offspring of the Brewster family has any information that is not mentioned in this history that we have compiled, we will be glad to add it.  Send and eMail via this web site where & how to contact you.

Written By William Brewster 713-433-0038